​The Angel of Death

Summary:  This is book two in the, A Glimpse into Hell, series.  The main character, Seth Coker, has invited a reporter, Wyatt Carter, to go on a road trip across America.  Seth takes the man on a journey into his twisted world of vengeance filled with the most unimaginable and barbaric things that could only be found in the deepest and darkest parts of hell.

The streets are no longer a safe haven for the wicked with Seth lurking in the shadows of the dark, waiting to bestow the most sadistic and over the top inhumane acts of vengeance that will stagger the mind.

Extreme-Horror Author


Rick lost his wife and unborn daughter on a West Texas highway when three police officers abused their authority.  The pigs thought they had got off scot-free until Rick took justice into his own hands.  This is an extremely sadistic story that should only be read by the seasoned extreme-horror reader.

Filthy Movie

Warning: This is a very violent and sadistic story that should only be read by the seasoned extreme-horror reader.  This isn’t some bogus disclaimer to draw in readers.  I truly don’t want someone to get offended that isn’t familiar with the level of brutality portrayed in this story.

You'll either love or hate it.  There's no in between with this one.

Summary:  Christie Silvers and Duncan Bradshaw are on a first date and decided to go back to Duncan’s hotel room after dinner. Christie is a beautiful girl with long, blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She is intelligent and full of life. Unbeknownst to her, Duncan is married and has a habit of bending the truth. He’s an average man with red hair, and he suffers from social awkwardness and low self-confidence. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d be scoring with such a hot chick. All his lies were paying off, and this was going to be the night of his life… so he thought. Unfortunately for him, the hotel owner, Henry, is a sadistic killer who can’t wait to turn his dream into a hellish nightmare.​​

“Good horror reveals our deepest and darkest fears. It exposes the horrid reality that lurks in the evilness of society, revealing the true monsters, showing us the hidden truth of human nature. It takes us on a journey into the sadistic minds of the wicked, interwoven with the fear of the innocent. Good horror is uncompromising and unforgiving.”

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​German Additions

My first book, The Angel of Vengeance, and forth book, Human Cruelty, have been published in German by publisher Festa-Verlag.  The Angel of Vengeance was split into two volumes due to its size.

​The Reckoning

Summary:  This is book five in the A Glimpse into Hell series.  Seth brings back Missy, Wyatt, Barry and Kenneth to help with a special assignment; to travel the State of Texas and inflict the most horrifying and demented acts of vengeance against our society’s most ruthless criminals.

This book is not only packed with gore, but there is great deal of interaction between Seth and his friends ranging from comradery, banter and animosity.

Extreme gore lovers will not be disappointed with this one.  It’s filled with sick and twisted games, distasteful content, sadistic torture and dark humor.

Wade H. Garrett

​Human Cruelty

Summary:  This is book four in the "A Glimpse into Hell series".  Brad Johnson, a thief and lowlife, tortured and killed Kenneth Evans’ beloved pet, Roxie, during a burglary.  Kenneth wanted to exact revenge against Brad in the most horrific way possible, so he sought out Seth Coker, a notorious vigilante.  Kenneth didn’t realize the door he was opening would unleash a wrath of vengeance like no other.  He was instantly drawn into Seth’s world.  A world of torment and terror equal to the horrors found in the deepest and darkest parts of Hell.  A world filled with violence and agony.  A world of pure chaos.

In this story, Seth Coker and Kenneth Evans, torture lowlifes that have been cruel to animals.  Filled with gruesome and sadistic acts of punishment.  This book is not for the meek.  Only the seasoned extreme-horror reader should embark on this journey.

Copyright © 2007 by Wade H. Garrett.   No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form by any means without prior written permission of the copyright holder. 


and may be disturbing to sensitive readers.

The Angel of Vengeance

Summary:  In a dim lighted cell, a man has awakened to find himself surrounded by the most unimaginable and barbaric things that not even his worst nightmare could conjure up.  His captor, Seth Coker, takes the man on a journey into his twisted world of vengeance.  A world that runs parallel with the horrors that could only be found in the deepest and darkest parts of hell.  A world that bestows a wrath of chaos upon the wicked of our society that have fallen through the cracks of the judicial system.  Seth wasn’t born a vigilante, nor did he seek out the role-- it sought him out. 

    A portion of our society feels that rapists, molesters, murderers and abusers should have rights, and anything beyond the normal punishment of confinement would be cruel and inhumane.  Seth knows that the innocent are left without justice, while the wicked are roaming our streets without any remorse about the cruel and inhumane punishment that they bestow upon others.

​I'm a guest author in these books.

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A short story of fucking up ragheads. 

Insane Bastards

Two idiots, Leonhard “Rocky” Krauss and Byron “Twig” Schlaeger, escape from a mental institution, Cedar Hill Sanitarium, and go on a murderous rampage. Rocky is a large man suffering from gigantism, and Twig is a foul-mouthed and perverted midget. Separately, they had always been mistreated and bullied, but together, they are unstoppable, unleashing sadistic and barbaric acts of violence on the assholes of society.

Death Certificate will be the 6th book in the “A Glimpse into Hell” series

Co-authored with Missy.

The complete “A Glimpse into Hell” five-book series

5 books, 1900 pages, 195 chapters, 600K words of pure gore.  The Angel of Vengeance, The Angel of Death, Splatterpunk, Human Cruelty and The Reckoning


Summary:  This is book three in the A Glimpse into Hell series, and was written for the extreme gore lovers.  The story is pure gore for the sake of gore.

The main character, Seth Coker, and his sidekick, Barry Muller, hold nothing back as they inflict the most gruesome and sadistic acts of torture on the criminals and lowlifes of our society.  This book is extremely graphic, but it’s also filled with dark humor. 

Splatterpunk gets straight to the gore and has very little storyline compared to the first two books in this series.  It jumps from one gory scene after another without any rhyme or reason.

Mind-Rape occurs whenever one's brain feels as though it has been assaulted viciously by some event or thing in reality.  Wade H. Garrett uses extreme violence and disturbing, vile imagery to get his point across.  Some scenes have such abhorrent and disgusting combination of visceral words it will leave some readers as if their mind has been assaulted (Mind-Raped).